Power BI Consulting

Our Power Bi Consulting arm has grown tremendously and we have worked on a number of projects in a diverse range of sectors in the past 5 years including small and medium sized businesses.

We charge as low as USD $20-25 per hour.

We solve problems related to working with data including the following:

  1. Problem: Do you spend a lot of time working on spreadsheets preparing frequent reports for your boss instead of focusing on other more important aspects of your job?

Solution: Routine reports can be automated and produced in as low as 5 minutes in Power BI with just a refresh of the model. The Power BI report can have a direct connection to the database or other data sources like excel tables, websites, pdfs and text files, Azur Cloud platform, O Data feed, SharePoint, Access database and text files among others.

  1. Problem: Do have challenges in tracking your KPIs?

Solution: These can be tracked real time and from any location using multiple devices. We create customized dashboards and reports with your KPIs and powerful visuals.

  1. Problem: Have you ever had an unsuccessful board meeting or team meeting where the audience struggles to understand some of your explanations of the numbers?

Solution: With Power BI, very powerful visualization tools are available and the reports are dynamic and interactive and with the ability to drill down into the details of the numbers with just a click. The business insights are mind blowing and will help your audience to understand the business better.

  1. Problem: Have you ever wondered which part of your business to change in order to turnaround or improve performance?

Solution: With Power BI, we can create for your dynamic reports which give insights into the business performance with the ability to instantly drilldown into the numbers.

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